Friday, February 01, 2008

Do we have another kid that we don't know about?

Because our health insurance went up $142 dollars a month. You do not even want to know what we're paying, but let's just say we should be guaranteed to live to be 150. But I'm sure you're paying a ridiculous amount as well!

Some other healthcare crises that we've recently experienced:

I tried to switch to Kaiser when I was pregnant, and they wouldn't take me because pregnancy was a "preexisting condition".

Marlo wasn't renewed with Blue Cross last year because her doctor had referred her to a specialist (although she never ended up having to go).

We took her to the emergency once in the middle of the night because she had a fever of 105. When I was checking her in, I asked the receptionist if she wanted her insurance card. She said, "Oh, you have insurance?"

I know, this is probably not something I should blog about, but it's keeping me up at night. Thinking about health care and insurance makes my head spin. It has gotten so confusing and out of control.
The problem is that health care has become a business. It exists for profit: look at the pharmaceutical ads on tv and in magazines. Meanwhile, health insurance companies are denying coverage to those people who need it most and overcharging the rest.
If we don't have our health, really what do we have? If people are going broke trying to pay their medical bills, why are we spending billions on war? Where are our priorities?
Well, mine is on healthcare. And that's how I'm going to vote this election.

I'm Erin, and I approve this message.


Blogger Auntie Ann said...

Ugggh! Its like you took the words out of my mouth! NOT FUN. At least you have health care!

2/01/2008 7:42 PM  
Blogger Amy said...


couldn't agree more.

2/01/2008 9:29 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

Hey...don't even get me started on politics!
The GOP doesn't care about us po folks!
and I approve this message!

2/01/2008 11:34 PM  
Blogger amy said...

My mom and dad pay a fortune too and they keep raising the rate and cutting medical care! It makes no sense at all!! I hope things work out!!

2/02/2008 10:40 PM  
Blogger Shelly said...

I'm scared to see what ours goes up this year--it is by far our biggest bill next to our mortgage.

2/03/2008 5:08 PM  
Blogger Kell & Nick said...

Oh My Gosh...I could go on and on and on about insurance. My friend works in NYC for money magazine and her focus this year is health care and she just informed me that our country is in a HUGE crisis with doctors. No one is going to medical school for GP anymore only specializing because they DR's can't make money in GP because of yours truly the insurance agencies!
I feel so bad for doctors because they have BLUE CROSS or whom ever sitting on a phone that can't speak english telling them how to be a doctor and what they can and cannot do! It is so ludicrist! Not to mention how expensive it is and you have no choice because if you don't have insurance and something goes wrong then you could serious be SOL and have nothing!!! Mean while insurance companies make so much money just like these DARN oil companies! RECORD BREAKING PROFITS THAT THE GOOD OL FOLKS OF THE U....S.....A are paying for! Something has to give and that is exactly how I am voting too this year! I am sick of this! Ok...Done Venting...I am all riled up now! HA HA

Hope you are great Erin!
It never stops raining here either! I think we may buy a house boat so we can float away! HA

2/03/2008 8:07 PM  
Blogger amy said...

Its Hennesey and I mean Matt. If we want better health care we should all vote republican. Why would we want to leave something so important up to the govt. to decide. It should be every persons god given right to decide who does what medically for the most important people in their life. Not pay a flat rate and hope he or she does a good-job, look how crazy Canadian health care is. If u walk in emergency room with a heart condition your DR maybe a foot DR only. No way would I trust my child's heart with a foot specialist. U Know what I mean.

2/03/2008 9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa!!A political blog...Matt is totally right....don't forget we also spend billions on health care for illegal aliens...time to shut up..Auntie Di

2/04/2008 6:14 PM  

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