Friday, June 12, 2009

i'm gonna cry

2007. i love this juxtaposition of sweet baby face with a gun in the background

It's opening day at the fair. Mark and Marlo just left to go.

Yesterday my sister asked me, other than the food, what's so great about the fair? Well. The food is only a teeny tiny part of it. The rides, the exhibits, the bunnies and cows, Marlo on a pony, the booth with all the Russian nesting dolls (M gets one every year) and of course seeing the people that it brings out of the wood work.

I still haven't ruled it out completely. I've checked out renting a motorized cart. I think if we park close enough to the gate (which can happen, because Taylor works parking) I'll be fine.

As long as no one thinks I'm an exhibit myself. LOOK FOLKS, IT'S THE SURFACE-DWELLING ALBINO MANATEE.


Blogger Auntie Di said...

Awe...another manatee...that's what UB calls the fat chicks who swim at the Wellness Center, "manatee mermaids..Claudia got an authorization to swim(for rehab) and she wants to make sure she is NEVER there when he is!!

6/13/2009 3:52 PM  
Anonymous kelly said...

I LOVE MANATEES!!! go to the fair if you can, otherwise get delivery of the food and pics of the animals and freaky people!!!!

6/17/2009 10:58 AM  

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