Monday, October 08, 2007


The food was delicious everywhere we went and it wasn't incredibly expensive like we'd read. The service came at a leisurely pace though. However I'll attribute that to "island time".

Captain Oliver's was across from our hotel on Oyster Pond. There were various birds out front in big cages. Mark is looking in on some little turtles here:

The restaurant is right over the water, and there's an enclosure around the deck with all kinds of marine life. There were two big orange sharks, but my photo didn't come out. Huge sea turtles though:

Our room was in the building second from right:

Also on the water and just outside our resort was a placed called Big Fish. The food was amazing. The whole wall was a picture of a big fish with these adjectives that I got to stare at all through dinner:

This is the lobster tank at Daniel's, and italian restaurant on Dawn Beach. I had the best osso buco ever.


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