Tuesday, January 01, 2008

3 out of a 100

that didn't really turn out, but that's what happens at this age. I love Sabrina for really trying.

A story about Sabrina that I've told some of you:

She saw a poster up in her neighborhood for a lost cat. So she wrote a letter to the owner saying she was sorry and that she'd pray for her cat to come home.

Sabrina received a letter back from the owner saying that the cat did come home, and to thank her, the woman gave her a gift card for Wal Mart.

It doesn't sound so significant when I type it, but it's a great example of human kindness, the thoughtfulness in both my 7-year old niece and her neighbor, and the power of prayer.


Anonymous Kelly said...

I LOVE this story.

1/02/2008 4:20 PM  
Anonymous GP John said...

Thanks for all the photos and story.

1/02/2008 10:05 PM  

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