Tuesday, April 22, 2008


These are from my Aunt Di and Uncle Bob's wedding in 1978.

I love everything about these photos! I love the dresses and the flowers in Dianne's hair, my brother's smirk, how my dad and Bob look like they're packing pistols, and that I look like Marlo ;)

My mom was pregnant with Amy. Look at my face: completely oblivious to how my life would soon change. I would no longer be the center of attention. Roly-poly baby Amy would come and steal the show!


Blogger Heather Marie said...

Wow! Everyone look's so amazing.
I love the dresses...when you look at the picture you just get a feeling of happiness and innocence. Love it!
And wow...it could be little Marlo with young beautiful Grandma Pat.

4/23/2008 9:27 AM  
Blogger Auntie Di said...

Almost 30 years ago...I KNOW those shoes must have been in style!! You and Marlo Ann could be twins!!

You know...they did not check for guns at St John's then..someone did DID bring a custom made fishing rod (the Hooky Tooky special)for UB to the reception and people thought it was a wedding present..hmmm

4/23/2008 6:43 PM  

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