Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lucky you

Since today my mom and I are repainting the nursery after the crackheads I hired from Craigslist did a joke of a job, I thought I'd make a list of my pet peeves.
*update: my mom didn't let me paint, of course.

1. Half a@# jobs. This goes from painting a room to putting something out of sight instead of in its place. Just do it right the first time. It's less work for everybody that way.

2. Procrastinating. I don't see the benefit. I've never gotten a better deal on a plane ticket or a table at a restaurant by waiting till the last minute.

3. When someone's blocking your way and you say "excuse me" and they say "mm hmm" but they don't even move.

4. Super long phone messages.

5. People not responding to emails/messages/phone calls. Although after therapy I've realized this says something about them, not anything about me.

6. Driving slowly in the commuter lane. You're killing me, people.

So what are your pet peeves?
(and don't say people crybabying on their blogs)


Anonymous Kelly said...

I have so many I can hardly count.

I hate when people don't say thank you when you hold doors open.

I hate when girls where skirts that are wider than longer. It isn't about body size; it's about proportion.

When people drive with their blinker on and are neither turning nor changing lanes.

I hate when the guy at work leaves a plate partially covered in the lab frig and then he eventually (like a week later) takes it home to eat it. I not only am annoyed by it at my lab frig, but also the fact that we eats food that is not all the way covered and is old. Gross!

These are just a few; I have so many more I can hardly think of them. I'll keep you posted.

6/23/2009 12:33 PM  
Blogger MJD said...

1. When people drive super fast in the slow lane and don't allow you to merge; even though you have to. Change lanes people!

2. When people crack their knuckles repeatedly.

3. When people breathe REAL loud. Listen to yourself and make the change (I am mostly speaking about one anesthesiologist I work with.)

4. When people borrow my computer at work and change the settings.

5. When my husband follows motorcycles too close or changes lanes without his signal.

6. When people look through the crack on the public restroom stall to see if it is occupied. I had this happen to me this weekend at the restaurant in Domaine Chandon.


6/23/2009 5:52 PM  
Blogger Kell & Nick said...

I have so many too....

1. I hate it when people just expect things and aren't appreciative for anything!

2. I hate it when people bring gifts to weddings! Don't they realize the bride and groom are going on their honeymoon and 9 times out of 10 they don't even live in the town they are getting married in!

3. I hate it when people don't secure their cards on packages (weddings) and then you don't know who the gift is from because it falls off and gets mixed with all the other cards that fell off! Note to everyone....PUT THE CARD IN THE BOX! It is ok not to have a card on the top of a gift! PUT the card INSIDE and it will never get lost but again...don't bring to a wedding unless it is at their house!!!

4. I hate it when someone parks and takes up two parking spots!!!

5. It really annoys me when someone is standing in line and does not know what they want and they keep everyone else waiting because they are indecisive!

6. I hate it when cars go UNDER the speed limit!!!!!! This always happens when I am in a hurry!!!

7. I hate it when you sit next to someone on a plane and they sneeze or cough and don't cover their mouths!! GROSS!!!!

Ok...I could go on and on too but I will stop! Thanks Erin for the fun post!!!

p.s. MJD...my husband is the GM at Domain Chandon's restaurant so I will have to tell him about your bathroom experience!! SO FUNNY AND GROSS!

Oh..one last one..I hate it when people don't flush the toilet all the way or leave a mess in the bathroom! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! It is gross for the next person! clean up after yourself!!!

Ok I am done! :)

6/24/2009 6:16 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

more pet peeves.

I absoultely can't stand crooked bumper stickers, pictures, etc. if you take the time to stick/hang it. make it STRAIGHT!!!

I concur with your friend who hates people who park in two spaces or drives under the speeding limit. while on the car subject I don't like people who have big a** SUV/trucks and go so slow in parking lots/drive thru/obstacle course because they are scared of their own car.

I also don't like when people don't know the difference between to/too, their/there/they're, or your, you're and they are college grads.

you know I'll think of more! xoxoxoxo. miss you so much and can't wait to see you!

6/25/2009 10:38 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

one more. people who have RIP Dale Earnhart. Ya it sucks that he died; he was doing what he loved and it is pretty dangerous driving 100+ mph with 30 other cars. Not tragic!!! get over it

6/25/2009 6:11 PM  

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