Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's day

How blessed I am to have such amazing role models in my life! I don't have any pictures of my mom from mother's day, but she looked stunning! I stayed with her the night before so I could do her hair and makeup before church. She broke her arm eight weeks ago and doing anything like that is such a challenge. She's such a good sport though. Love you so much Mom!

My grandma is 88!

Mark's grandma, the Great R.M.

Mark's mom, who doesn't even look like a grandma!


Anonymous Mom said...

Thank you for the surprise visit! I loved it! I love you so much . . . You are an awesome mom yourself!

5/17/2011 9:13 PM  
Blogger amynjosh said...

That is a great photo of the great R.M. She'd love it I'm sure! miss you bunches!

5/18/2011 9:38 PM  

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