Tuesday, August 26, 2008

28 months

Marlo just says everything, remembers everything, notices everything. She said so many funny things today I couldn't even count...my favorite was when we were eating dinner and she said, "Is it tasty, guys?"

She's a caretaker...always trying to meet the needs of her toys. Her baby needs a new diaper or sippy (juice, milk and water), her stuffed kitten needs her mommy, her bunny needs its carrot. And everyone needs to be rescued (blame that on Dora).

She is also big on tools and fixing things. When we run into problems or something doesn't work I get suggestions for glue, scissors, batteries or sticky tape.



Blogger Mary said...

What an absolutely darling, smart, funny and loving girl!
(I could go on and on!)

8/27/2008 1:12 AM  
Blogger Shelly said...

This age is a lot of fun. I sometimes wonder where Jack picks up some of the things he says or how he has such a good memory for something I told him one time. Too bad we don't live closer so he and Marlo could play together!

8/27/2008 11:47 AM  
Blogger amynjosh said...

I sure love that girl! Sooo funny. Josh is a big fan of the ABC/karoke video!

8/27/2008 7:13 PM  

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