Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Marlo!


Blogger amynjosh said...

Hilarious!! I love Este's question "is it your birthday right now?" well of course it is.. and she seems pretty close to five to me. Miss you guys and hope the bday celebration is super fun

4/26/2009 4:45 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

because Estee's big enough to know the difference between your actual birthday day and your birthday CELEBRATION day.

4/26/2009 5:22 PM  
Blogger patrice stanford said...

Happy Birthday....I love you!!!!

4/26/2009 5:37 PM  
Blogger Adam Harward said...

Happy Birthday!!!
This is about the cutest thing I've ever seen...of course!

4/26/2009 7:31 PM  
Blogger Adam Harward said...

That was me...Grandma!

4/26/2009 7:32 PM  

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