Friday, March 05, 2010

a conversation


Marlo: Mommy, I want the brothers to be my babies.

Me: No way. You guys are my babies.

Marlo: But I want to be the mommy so I can say what to do!

Me: When you grow up, you can be the mommy and have your own kids to boss around.

Marlo: Yay!


Blogger amynjosh said...

I heart Marlo so much. Josh thinks you should start compiling your cool kid photos and writing some sort of memoir about parenting young kids. to quote, "like Sex and the City but about kids". Well, I think that's just a great idea...

3/05/2010 11:08 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

she says the best stuff!

3/06/2010 6:54 PM  
Anonymous GP John said...

That Marlo knows so much. I think Amy/Josh have a good idea. It would be fun to do in your spare time.

3/07/2010 10:14 AM  

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