Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crash and Bang


It's my stepdad's nickname for the boys. I don't know if I've told you that already but I'm too tired to look. Anyway it's pretty accurate. In fact, it may even be an understatement.
We had a great time in Napa this past weekend. Cash and Graham had a great time getting into everything they weren't supposed to. The best was when John asked me "Do you think they'll mess with the stereo?" Let's see...
Does it have buttons to push?
Knobs to turn?
Does it light up?
Did you spend some nice money on it?

If they can't eat it, they will break it.

Got to see my best friend's girl Olivia for the first time. What a little sweetheart. She is just an angel baby, I tell you. Maybe she'll let Marlo be her big sister.


By the way that's MY sister holding her and she's a natural ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oh, hi.

So we moved to northern California at the end of August. Most of our family is here. I'm so happy my kids can see their grandparents all the time because I loved that growing up.

We still have a some boxes that haven't been unpacked, but I feel like if I don't need it, I'm not taking it out! We were using plastic utensils for three days till I could find our silverware. I know how to rough it :)

I'll miss San Diego and our friends and family there. I was there for 12 years and I loved it. But I'm loving it here too. We see Mark's parents all the time and this weekend we're heading to Napa to celebrate some big family birthdays and see friends. And my sis comes tomorrow!!

one of the last pictures I took at our old place

fro yo


we discovered we can eat ours in peace if we just get them a cone. I will take guesses on who's who because it took me a second to figure it out myself.

wanna Graham cracker?