Saturday, May 21, 2011

rough + tumble

These two party so hard. They are covered in bumps and bruises. Graham always has a scratch on his face and Cash is always bleeding from his mouth somewhere.

They got haircuts awhile ago...the stylist didn't see my vision but I still think they're pretty cute.

Cash in front.

There is no longer a bookcase blocking the stairs and they don't play on them like I thought they would. They mostly like to go up to Marlo's room and jump off of her bed.

Graham understands everything you say to him. He's really starting to talk but even when he didn't, you always knew what he meant. He's really engaging and he has this little smirk that just gets me.

Graham giving loves

I don't have many pictures of Cash looking at the camera. He's always in motion. Climbing, jumping, running in circles. I'm waiting for him to just start scaling the walls. He loves his blankies and his binky and his duck, and likes to have all of them at once. He also really loves his dad and requests him several times a day by saying, "I-ant-da-yee".


Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's day

How blessed I am to have such amazing role models in my life! I don't have any pictures of my mom from mother's day, but she looked stunning! I stayed with her the night before so I could do her hair and makeup before church. She broke her arm eight weeks ago and doing anything like that is such a challenge. She's such a good sport though. Love you so much Mom!

My grandma is 88!

Mark's grandma, the Great R.M.

Mark's mom, who doesn't even look like a grandma!

Monday, May 09, 2011

I'm trying to change the world, one jerk at a time

I was leaving Costco today with all three kids (always an adventure in itself) and I was waiting to pull out of the parking lot as a truck was turning in.

Just as I was thinking, "He's cutting that corner really close", he leaned out his window and yelled at me, "Learn how to f-ing drive!"

I would have just let it go, but Marlo said, "That man said something really mean, huh mom?" It really bugged me that my kids heard him and I wanted him to think about that.

I saw where he'd parked outside a pool supply place and I drove around awhile waiting for him to come out. Eventually I parked next to him and just as I was finishing a note to leave on his car, he came out.

I said, "I don't know what I did, but whatever it is it gives you no reason to talk to me like that."

He said, "If you weren't such a stupid driver, pulling out in the middle of the road!" and flailed his arms all around.

As he got into his car I asked if how he'd feel if someone used that language with his wife or his mother.

He said, "If she was driving as stupid as you, I wouldn't be surprised."

I couldn't believe that after his time in the pool store he hadn't cooled down enough. He was even wearing a cheesy tank top that should have kept him at a nice even temperature. And he saw my minivan with my three kids in the car and still continued to talk to me like that.

He left me no choice.

I reached into the van, got out one of the 2 dozen organic eggs I'd just purchased from Costco and walked behind my car so the kids couldn't see. I stood his path as he pulled out of the lot and threw it right of top of his truck.

I'm pretty sure he's not a changed man. But I felt a hell of a lot better.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

jumpy love

I figure since the decorations are still up I can still post pictures of Marlo's party.

These are after everyone left and it was just us...